The tomato rediscovered


CHIAPAS tomatoes owe their name to the Mexican province of the same name. South America is where tomatoes first originated, and we returned to that area to rediscover tomatoes.

Over the years, many new tomato varieties have joined the traditional round tomatoes. They vary in size, shape, colour or flavour, but the traditional round tomato remained unchanged. Until now!

With the introduction of our CHIAPAS tomatoes we offer you a round tomato with a distinctively different flavour. The key concern in growing CHIAPAS tomatoes is not the output per m2 but the flavour. So fewer kilos are harvested, but the tomatoes are 20-50% sweeter than traditional round tomatoes.

CHIAPAS tomatoes have a good deep red colour, are juicy and have a delicious, proper tomato flavour. CHIAPAS tomatoes are ideal for: